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Growth Groups

Growth can be a challenging task to tackle at times. Moving into an unfamiliar territory or learning something new can be daunting, especially during a pandemic. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone there to help guide you through that process?

To support you in accomplishing the goals you want to set, CAYP will be launching the Growth Groups program March 31st. Growth Groups is a program designed to assist members in overcoming roadblocks and achieving the success we all know is possible! You will be welcomed into a small group of other goal setters like yourself, led by a mentor to help you craft and accomplish the goals set. This community will be here to support each other as you all embark on your journeys together. Tools, tips and advice will also be supplied to help you reach success.

Each round of Growth Groups will last three months and start each quarter throughout the year. Meetings will take place once a month where you will meet with your mentor and group to discuss your goals and progress during the month. Groups will consist of up to 4 members plus your mentor.

Online forums will keep groups in contact, so members can check in with one another, ask for advice or share achievements.

Are you interested in joining as a mentee? Email us at!


We are also at this time seeking additional mentors to join the program. We are looking for people from different backgrounds to help guide members through their goals. Whether you have a vast wealth of knowledge, an active ear for listening or you are seeking to continue your growth in these areas for your career, please apply here. If our message and mission resonate with you, we would love to have you as a part of this program.

Each quarter we ask new mentors to submit an application. Once accepted you'll attend orientation and then we'll help you build your group! Outside of your monthly Growth Group meetings, you'll attend an additional meeting to meet with fellow mentors to talk about how your group is doing and share ideas.

Interested in becoming a mentor? Fill out this application and submit it to

Interested in Joining Next Time?

Are you interested in joining Growth Groups as a mentor or mentee but don't have the time at the moment? Please still send us your interest so we can keep you on the list for our second round of the program starting in July!

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