Local Feature - Tarrah Seaver, Owner of Laurabelle's A Scratch Bakery on Market Street

Tarrah Seaver is fulfilling her dream of owning a bakery on 12 East Market Street. Laurabelle’s A Scratch Bakery, named after Tarrah’s grandmother, opened its doors in January 2020. The cupcakery offers custom cakes, scones, coffee and of course, cupcakes!

With a lifelong love of baking, Tarrah grew up in the kitchen with her mother and grandmother. Holidays always had a sweet treat to accompany the day. The trio would test out new recipes for the family to try alongside their traditional favorites. Scratch based baking became a part of her life from then on.

Tarrah didn’t realize her dream of a bakery right away though, she worked in several other fields before attending culinary school. Every experience bringing something different to her life, but food remained her passion.

“The most amazing thing about food is bringing your ideas to life,” she said, “It has been one of the most rewarding careers that I have ever had.”

Originally from Endicott, Tarrah visited Corning and instantly fell in love with Market Street and the area.

“The atmosphere and the people gave me that small town feeling that I grew up with,” she said, “I quickly realized that this was a place I wanted to call home.”

We are certainly glad she did! Laurabelle’s offers more than 1,000 different flavor combinations from traditional chocolate and vanilla to maple bacon, rocky road, strawberry lemonade and rootbeer float. She even offers a treat for your best pup pal! Tarrah pulls her flavor inspirations from her favorite childhood desserts and family recipes, honoring the namesake.

While opening a business in any capacity isn’t easy, opening a business in a pandemic is almost impossible. Tarrah made it through by adapting, improvising, and overcoming challenges to keep her dream alive.

Throughout everything, it’s clear that her love and passion for food are always present, down to each sprinkle. That’s a reason why she has continued after her dream.

When asked what advice she would give someone starting their own business she said, “Be prepared to work harder than you have ever worked before. Success doesn’t come without hard work and determination. There is no better feeling than following your dreams.”

We’re so happy that we have the opportunity to share Tarrah’s dream and enjoy the amazing scratch-made treats available at Laurabelle’s.

Visit Laurabelle's today at 12 East Market Street, Corning, NY 14830. They are open Monday through Saturday from 10am-4pm.

Visit their website for more information, and like and follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

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