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Why Join CAYP?


Professional Development


We want to give you every opportunity to meet young professionals in the Elmira-Corning Area!

We organize events to help further your professional growth and make business connections!

We make an effort to connect with our community and make it a better place!

2023 membership is $35

CAYP member payments can now be processed online! Click "Buy Now" to process your payment through PayPal.

Please make sure to fill out your member application in addition to making your member payment. Thank you, and welcome to the CAYP community!

Pay for your membership online

How Your Yearly Contribution Helps


of member contributions go towards planning events and creating resources to help you!

Join us to prepare for the new year! We have lots of events planned and are unveiling a new community that will allow you to easily interact with other members!



Open Space



We're able to reduce CAYP Member costs for big events: Mentor Mixer, Eating with Ettiquette, and future events!

We want to give you every opportunity to network with other CAYP Members

Expand our event planning capabilities and enable us to dream big!

CAYP can continue to grow by advertising our big events on social media

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